Our prices are designed to encourage purchases, not piracy.  Each copy includes the cost of acquiring the facsimile images, reproduction rights (on some), our archival paper, printing, binding, storage, shipping materials, postage, and website costs.  As a non-profit 501(c)3 educational organization, what little we charge above our costs goes directly back into the creation of more editions.  There is no ‘profit’ or anything remotely close to financial compensation for the incredible amount of time and effort clearly put into each publication from Scholarly Brass Editions.  Compare what we offer to any other music publisher.  We are confident that you will conclude that SBE is worth supporting via purchases.



Shipping within the USA via USPS media mail is free.  We charge the actual additional cost of postage for deliveries to all other countries.

Please contact us in advance for a quote on international or faster (Priority Mail) domestic shipping.  Alternately, customers can use the weight and dimensions of an item (located in the ‘Additional information’ tab), our shipping address, and your delivery address in to check shipping rates.


Everything we ship is clean, complete, and can be previewed, so we are only able to replace an item damaged in shipping with the same item, once the damaged item is returned.



Our editions include the source facsimiles, Urtext parts, performance parts, and a performance score.  Those interested in an Urtext partitura may purchase one for any edition as print-on-demand.

A replacement for any part or score can be purchased.  (Please contact us for a price quote.)



We have gone to unusual lengths in hopes of producing editions entirely free of mistakes.  Should you locate one, please contact us.  If it is a substantial error, we will correct it and provide you with a complementary copy of the new, corrected edition.



We do not use cookies.  We do not track website viewers.  We do not show advertisements.  We do not collect information/data.  We dot not release customer’s information.

We do use serial commas and double spaces after a sentence.  Why?  Because ‘scholarly’ and ‘lazy’ are incompatible.